Under Secretary of Education:90% of Iranians are literat

Hojjat-ol Islam Moheyeddin Bahram Mohammadian said in closing ceremony of 7th Festival of Electronic Contents of Kerman province: Educational justice means that every child should be able to enjoy education, regardless of gender, race and location.

He declared 99% coverage of kids of school age by elementary schools and added: According to the latest census, 90% of Iranians are literate.

Pointing out that in some courses, girls occupy most of the chairs in universities, he continued: There are six million students, studying in universities at present.

Referring to the positive look at the innovation in technology, head of Organization for Educational Research and Programming specified: Engaging new methods in teaching and learning is one the steps toward Educational Justice.

Emphasizing that electronic contents should be more than hard copies, Dr. Mohammadian added: 147000 people participated in 7th Festival of Electronic Contents.

Calling family, teacher, media and television some the bases of education and training, Hojjat-ol Islam Mohammadian remarked: Inconsistency between these pillars has denied us achieving the goals outlined in " Educational Reform Statement".

If consumers are innovative, they can be producers as well, concluded head of OERP.