Utilizing the educational eco-system by the end of 2018

Sayyed Mohammad Bathayi, speaking at the 2018 Moscow Summit, said that the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been working to create safe and secure cyberspace by designing a dynamic ecosystem for students to create educational justice

Describing the educational diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said that the education system in the Islamic Republic of Iran with 99% of primary education coverage and more than 85% of the secondary education rate and covering more than 96% of girls at the age of education, Iran has one of the most comprehensive educational systems in the region and in the world. For Iran's role in teaching foreign students, he said that providing equal access for all students of foreign nationals and refugees from other countries, including Afghanistan, which has more than 450,000 students  providing them education in a similar educational system and free schooling until the end of high school, is one of the most unique features of Iranian educational system.

He also spoke on Iran's activities in the development of technology in education; and he said that 75% of Iran's schools have been connected to the global networks, and more than 25% of schools are provided with hardware tools and technologies of Intelligent educational system.

 "Also, using MOOC cyberspac tools, about 54% of the teachers are trained to use one-of-a-kind technologies; and on the development of digital resources, the production of content of textbooks in schools in Iran, both electronically and interactively, and the holding of festivals of generating digital educational resources between teachers and students, have been among our successful projects." He said.

Concerned about the future horizons of education technology, the Education Ministry has made clear that the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been working to design a dynamic ecosystem, which will be operational by the end of 2018, to secure and clean virtual space. Providing students with the opportunity to create educational justice in access to content and educational services. In this ecosystem, by creating an electronic identity for students, their activities will be monitored intelligently and will be guided in accordance with their use of the content and services. In this ecosystem, information technology-driven IT service providers are emergingin order to manage private sector capacities.

In conclusion, the Minister of Education of our country emphasized the importance of the full implementation of the new technologies of ICT education in the Islamic Republic of Iran and expressed his willingness to engage in global experiences and other countries and said that this big and important event can also be the beginning of a broad engagement in moving towards the common goals of the international community.