The very damaging layers of the 2030 Agenda should be studied: Zouelm

Ali Zouelm the head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning has said: studying the very damaging layers of the 2030 Agenda is one of the most important research works which must be taken seriously. “Unfortunately, no research work to analyze the effects and consequences of the 2030 Agenda is done yet. In fact, our view of the 2030 Agenda is politicized which this issue is wrong”,Zouel said.
Referring to “the Statement for the Second Phase of the Revolution”, Zouelm has said: the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution has raised the global slogans of the Islamic revolution in this statement. These slogans include freedom, ethics, spirituality, justice, independence, dignity and brotherhood which all of them are rooted in our religious values.
Elsewhere Zouelm added: referring to these values in the pedagogy arena can be quite effective.

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