We must turn research from a decoration

Hojjat-ol Islam Dr. Bahram Mohammadian said in Top Researchers of Semnan province Glorification Ceremony : We must turn research from a decoration to an operational necessity otherwise we'll get no benefit from previous researches and those which will be done, ISNA reports.

Mentioning that research is a must-do for everything in the country, he added: Paying for research is an investment which guarantees quality and effectiveness of whatever is done in the country.

Head of Organization for Educational Research and Programming continued: There are two directives followed here in Ministry of Education. The first one is is to meet present research requirements and those to come in future. After all, all activities of educational system is based on research.

Second mission is to inherent research in students, for if we succeed in doing so, future generations will face far less problems than we do today. So this the basic and bigger mission.

According to the " Fundamental Reform Statement" all activities in the case educational system must be done based on a research.

The university and seminary teacher reminded that : Nature of education is dynamic and so different from other domains like those of industry and economy. We are dealing with human being in education who is dynamic, possessing "free will" and "changing and becoming" all the time, while in industry for instance, we are dealing will what's made by human beings and therefore researcher has definite knowledge of the subject.

Mohammadian insisted on actually using the researches and said: Many of researches are now in arcades and no one has ever used them.

There was no room in the past for baseless comments, in our culture. But today it seems that everybody permits himself to comment on every subject and that's because we are missing the research culture.