We need to create media literacy among our students

According to the education journalist of the Fars news agency, Seyed Mohammad Batheii the education minister, said this morning in the meeting of presidents and heads of public relations of the provinces across the country in the Tehran culture club, that education is among the systems which are in the countries' other organization. Education expectations are very high, and the smallest decisions have a large impact on the community on millions of people and many people will comment. We live in a world where the media have a great influence in relationships and huge amounts of news go from corner to corner very quickly. Virtual space and Telegram channels affect us widely and in this space we need agile public relations because traditional PR models do not respond and we need to look for new models.

We are looking to create an e-learning platform for education that we hope to create in September.

He referred to the overturning of the student bus in Hormozgan and said In parliament we talked about one thing, that we did not teach students how to protect themselves from danger. Experts say that if the students had closed the seat belt, we had not witnessed this consequences.

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