We will not allow profiteers to take advantage of the spirit of the students

The thirteenth congratulatory ceremony of the authors and creators of materials and educational media, in the memorial of Martyr Mohsen Hajji, was held today in the Garden of the Holy Defense Museum with the presence of the Minister of Education and a number of ministry officials.

"We are very pleased that the sunny days in the education field of the country, called the Basic Transformation Document and the National Curriculum and other sub-disciplines and the goals of the curriculum, is shining," said Heydar Tourani, the head of the research and planning organization at a conference. A document that according to the Supreme Leader is a leading scholarly, comprehensive, coherent, progressive document. Today our goals and missions are clear. The steps we need to take to reach the desired situation are outlined, but far from the desired goals. Although our current status is not desirable, but it is not disruptive. "

"This celebration of honoring the authors was named after the martyr Hojaji, while we are witnessing a great scientific, research, and studying in the field of books and curricula. Although these books and educational packages are far from the level of education document of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in which we see many manifestations of spiritual and scientific values, and now we are hopeful to the potentials of our dear teachers. Though they are not very happy of their situations, but they are filled with the joys to serve our students. "

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