September 2016

Education since independence

Slovenia  independence

In the  25  years  of  Slovenia  independence , the  country's education  system  has  moved  dynamically  up  a  steep  path.Today  we  can  assert  that  the  system  is  high-quality  and  compares  well  on  a  European  scale, and  as  a  result  young  Slovenians  are  well  educated. This  is  demonstrated  by  international  education  research  and , just  as  importantly, by  the  successes  of  Slovenian  pupils  and  students  in  international  knowledge  competitions.

Parents, Especially Fathers, Play Key Role in Young Adults' Health


Parents, and especially fathers, play a vital role in developing healthy behaviors in young adults and helping to prevent obesity in their children. When it came to predicting whether a young male will become overweight or obese, the mother-son relationship mattered far less than the relationship between father and son.

Global South addresses SDG Challenges

sustainable development.

On Friday, a group of 134 developing nations, known as the Group of 77 (G77), came together for a meeting to address challenges and solutions in achieving sustainable development. In attendance were G-77 foreign ministers, the president of the General Assembly, the UN secretary-general and other UN senior officials.