Same Genes Influence Both Mathematical And Learning Abilities

Mathematical And Learning Abilities

Our learning abilities depend both on genetics and environment. Most abilities run in families but the complex system of genes affecting these abilities is largely unknown. However, scientists from University of Oxford and King’s College London have shown a link between mathematical and learning abilities of a child. They have discovered that about half the genes that influence how well a child can read also influences their mathematical abilities.

The Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad

Abdullah was the favorite son of Abdul Muttalib. When he was seventeen years old, he was married to Amina, a high-born lady of Yathrib, a city in the north of Mecca. He was not, however, destined to live long, and died only seven months after his marriage.

UNESCO and the Declaration

Declaration of Human Rights

When, at the end of the Second World War, UNESCO was created in the wake of the International Commission of Intellectual Cooperation, it was based on the conviction that intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind, and the respect for justice and human rights are essential to build lasting peace.