Iran Sets Guidelines for Educational Packages in COVID-19 Pandemic

A discussion session was held to prepare the virtual training packages of the Organization for Educational Research and Planning in yellow and red conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Hassan Maleki, the head of Organization for Educational Research and Planning, said: “Various deputies of this organization are preparing for the new academic year.

Education Should Be Free of Obscenity and Petrification

Stressing that the education and curriculum planning should be kept safe from two serious enemies, -obscenity and petrification-, Dr. Hassan Maleki stated that obscenity means not adhering to any principle and discipline, and petrification means ignoring the facts and scientific growth.

He added: We should not be neither fascinated nor hostile with different scientific views and schools; rather, we should be critical and selective.

Face Shields as Role Play Masks

As if everything started with a magic, just like the movies! Was it b lack magic or the curse of mother nature, which we have forgotten for years. the earth that today, seems to be breathing again.


At first, it was unbelievable that in a few weeks, life around the world would suddenly change. The parents were constantly and anxiously advising their children to wash their hands. The server health protocols disrupted children’s daily routine.


COVID-19, an uninvited guest who helped us cherish our planet, family more

The widespread outbreak of the coronavirus has created a new situation in the human world. From political troubles and disputes to the humankind’s potential vulnerability to confront nature, and the increasing importance of science in human life, are part of changes and hints caused by the introduction of the virus into modern human life.

Coronavirus Survives on Surfaces for Days, But What Does That Really Mean?

 A major study published last week in The New England Journal of Medicine reported the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for several days, and is even detectable in aerosols for several hours. This important research offers valuable insights into the lifespan of this new virus outside of a human body, however, some experts are suggesting the study does not mean the virus actually remains infectious on surfaces for days or can be transmitted easily through the air.

UN Chief warns against water limitations by 2050

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on World Water Day, 22 March 2020, announced that by 2050, between 3.5 and 4.4 billion people will live with limited access to water, with more than 1 billion of them living in cities.

UN: Forests absorb about 2b tons of carbon dioxide annually

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on the International Day of Forests, 21 March 2020, said that forests absorb about 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, calling on all governments, businesses and civil society to take urgent action to halt deforestation and restore degraded forests, so future generations can enjoy a greener and healthier future.

Children who read books daily score higher in school tests: Study

What children choose to read outside school directly influences their academic performance, according to a major new study led by the University of Malaga and University College London (UCL), and published in the peer-reviewed journal Oxford Review of Education.