9 million students in 23000 schools in Iraq

Fars reports: Mohammad al-eqbal Omar al-Seadaly Iraqy minister of education said in the meeting with his Iranian counterpart: We can achieve new methods in education for the two countries. There are mutual grounds for cooperation but we lack experience in this respect. We need to exchange our experiences specialy in human recourse training. There are many simmilarities between Iraqy and Iranian people and Iranian education ministry can share it's experiences with us.

No Students Left out Because of Shortages

In a joint conference of district deputies and officials of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, in answer to a question, Dr. Aliasqar Fani said that in the recent two years that illiteracy obstruction plan has been implemented, no students have been left out, reported by Ministry of Education PR and Information Center.

Education Mission No 1: Rearing Religious Students

Speaking on the occasion of Teachers' Week, deputy speaker of Islamic parliament of Iran considered rearing of religious students as the key mission of ministry of education and expressed hopes that educators' community, all authorities as well as the parliament utilize all their potentials for this purpose, reported by Ministry of Education PR and Information Center quoting Parliament News.