Ministerial Symposium on Application of New Technologies

Dr Mohammad Farhadi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr Ali Asghar Fani, Minister of Education, together with a group of deputies of both ministries, including Dr Mohyeddin Bahram Mohammadian, deputy minister of education and the Head of the OERP attend the symposium on the occasion of Mobile Learning Week 23-27 February, reported by the OERP PR and International Relations citing IRNA News.

Reinforcing national, religious and revolutionary identities is among our issues in education

Deputy Minister of Education for Research and the Head of the OERP, Dr Mohyeddin Mohammadian participating in the fourth session of reflection symposia with the theme of "Textbooks: marine resources and prosperity of ports" added, "the term Persian Gulf can be seen 590 times throughout school textbooks. We have also created five volumes of textbooks in cooperation with the I.R. of Iran Navy as an effort in the field of compiling educational contents" according to the OERP PR and international relations quoting Fars News.

SESCO Condemns Killing of Muslim Students in US

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) strongly denounced the appalling terrorist crime committed last Tuesday in North Carolina by American extremist Craig Stephen Hicks who broke in the home of a Muslim family composed of three students and killed them with extreme brutality “for they are Muslims”.