Fajr of Islamic Revolution (anniversary of victory of Islamic revolution) is a promise for the Muslim World

According to the Public relations of Organization of Educational Research and Programming, Hojjat- Islam Dr. Mohammadian stated: Fajr of Islamic revolution is a promise for the Muslim World and a new experience of efficiency of religion in ruling the world. A world where human’s dignity and their right for making their own future is preserved.

Textbooks don't have a particular validity / 5 years of time for a textbook

In reply to the critics about textbooks, Hojjat-ol Islam Moheyeddin Bahram Mohammadian said in his interview with FARS: Many may criticise the textbooks, but what matters is the bases and standards on which the contents of textbooks are prepared. We believe that it's through scientific standards that we may achieve an educational program and "Statement of Fundamental changes

Islam invites to the belief, common in divine religions and moral values

Offering his condolences to the sacred presence of Imam Zaman for Arbaeen (fortieth day after Imam Hossain's martyrdom), Hojjat-ol Islam Mohammadian said in the assembly of Imam Hossain mourners: Today, the legend of Arbaeen is an inspiration for mankind convergence over moral values, Public Relations of OERP reports.

Memory of Imam Hossain ( peace be upon him) is an inspiration for all ages and all generationsmies

According to the public relations of OERP, Hojjat-ol Islam Dr. Mohammadian said on the eight day of Moharram ( month of victory of blood over sword ): memory of Imam Hossain cleanse and enlighten hearts. This remembrance which appears in shape of mourning and tears proves our love and emotional attachment to him. As we read in his pilgrimage prayer, we love those who love you and fight your enemies and this crusade continues.

The Goals and motivativations of the ashura movement from the viewpoint of grand Ayatollah Makarim shirazi

One can only claim that they love Imam al-Ḥusayn (ʿa) and are among his true followers when they have reflected upon the various corruption and problems which exist during their own time period and they have done their best towards reforming these issues. Without any doubt, if the mourners of Imam al-Ḥusayn (ʿa) make a logical and calculated decision together towards fighting the corruption which exists in their society, they will be successful in reforming it.

Ashoora's lessons renew as time goes by.

According to the report of public relations of OERP, Dr. Mohammadian said at the threshold of Moharram ( the month victory of blood over sword ) : Imam Hossein ( peace be upon him ) and Ashoora are like the glorious Qur'an have an exterior and  an interior or heart and this heart has layers and each layer contains many secrets and meanings which reveal as time goes by and expand views of Hossein followers and lovers and inspire those who seek an honorable life, a life with no oppression or tyranny and misery.